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Make Easter eggstra fun by teaching your class how to build a Robotic Egg Decorator using LEGO Mindstorms EV3! Teaching through robotics-based play is a wonderful way to breathe new life into well-trodden calendar-led topics like Easter while furnishing children with relevant skills for the digital age. And, best of all, it’s really easy to do with RoboCamp.


Taking Easter as inspiration, the experts here at RoboCamp HQ used LEGO Mindstorms EV3 to create an easy-to-build Robotic Egg Decorator that’s fun for kids to make and use. This project is aimed at children aged 10 to 16. Click here for more information on lessons using robotics-based kits for younger kids.

Besides being a welcome change from regular messy egg decorating methods, the robotics-based lesson offers a simple, yet captivating way to learn about this traditional holiday in a modern context which children can relate to.

Robotics STEAM and education benefits In an enjoyable and practical lesson your students will assemble the robot before learning how to program it to create patterns on hard boiled eggs. You will be there with detailed instructions to guide them through each stage.

The project is taught in three distinct phases, each of which is designed to develop different but complementary skills.

Children start by using engineering and team-working skills to build the Robotic Egg Decorator. Next, they develop their coding and problem-solving abilities during the programming phase.

Finally, the children are encouraged to unleash their inner creativity as they use their robots to embellish hard boiled eggs with the designs and colors of their choosing.  

Working with LEGO gives the children a sense of playing, while simultaneously teaching them new skills in a relaxed learning environment, where experimentation is encouraged. In short, they will have so much fun they won’t even notice they are learning!

The end result is a spectacular looking set of Easter eggs, a classroom full of kids who feel proud of what they’ve accomplished, and a lot of fun memories to treasure. The children will love taking their eggs home and telling their proud parents how they made the robots that decorated them.


Take a look at how eggs are locked and loaded in the RoboCamp egg decorator before being automatically adorned with attractive designs in this video.

The Egg Decorator uses three EV3 motors. One large motor is responsible for precise lengthwise positioning of the pen on the egg, while a second motor rotates the egg. A third motor is used to raise and lower the pen so the operator can control where the robot draws lines on the egg.

To make sure that the robot can hold eggs of different sizes an ingenious holder was built into the design, which uses a LEGO tire to give a good grip at the base of the egg and a clever, adjustable holder at tip.

Three programs are included which let you decorate your eggs using three different patterns. The patterns can be combined in any way you like to make a unique design! Click here to download the EV3 project with three sample programs.


Scroll down for simple step-by-step instructions on how to build a robotic egg decorator using just a LEGO Mindstorms EV3 (31313) set, a felt-tip pen (use more colors for a more interesting result!) and a couple of hard-boiled eggs.

Instructing a class how to build a robot might sound complicated, but our straightforward lesson plans are designed so that any teacher can follow them without requiring any prior technical knowledge, coding experience, or LEGO Mindstorms education.

Our step-by-step lesson plans mean teachers who are absolute beginners in robotics can teach themselves how to build a robot along with their class. The experience is designed to make teaching robotics curriculum through hands-on play, rewarding for all involved.

Plus, mastering a new skill alongside your class will teach them the invaluable lesson that learning is a lifelong process.

A growing number of teachers are adding value to their school curricula through the introduction of robotics. As a result, children are learning skills like computational thinking through engaging practical play. Teach your class how to build this Robotic Egg Decorator and you can be a part of this exciting wave. Find out more about the vital role they play and how their students are benefiting in this article.

We hope you enjoy teaching our holiday-inspired RoboCamp egg decorator lesson. This fresh take on a time-honored tradition will capture kids’ imaginations while ticking the STEAM education boxes. It will also keep the smell of vinegar and messy dyes out of your classroom until next Easter.

Swot up on the evolution of the Mindstorms LEGO kit and its parts which include electronic components here. For more information on how to build the Robotic Egg Decorator using LEGO Mindstorms register for our next webinar.

If you have any queries about this lesson or about RoboCamp in general, please contact us directly at support@robocamp.eu

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