Programming SPIKE Prime robots in Word blocks: Beginner to Advanced

Complete programming course for the entire school year with step-by-step instructions for teacher and students.
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Programming course includes

25 lesson plans
Ready-to-use curriculum for primary school that covers an entire year.
Online teacher training
Webinar prepared by experts to easily prepare you for classes and enhance your programming skills.
Access for teacher and students
Multimedia instructions available online, for everyone in your classroom.

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Multimedia lesson plans

Every teacher can teach kids programming
with the help of the best robotics lesson plans on the market.

With this course, you get...

25 multimedia lesson plans. Engaging and reliable lessons arranged into a programming curriculum for an entire school year. Every lesson plan introduces a new command, or a new programming concept, explained with the help of robots built from SPIKE Prime elements.
Difficulty level that progresses with each lesson. As you advance this course, the robots become more and more complex in terms of their mechanics and programming.
Step-by-step instructions. For the teacher and for their students, throughout all the lesson stages. Each step is explained in text and accompanied by easy-to-understand multimedia.
Programming in SPIKE Word blocks, closely based on Scratch – the best graphic language for learning how to code. After completing the course, students will know all of the Word blocks programming commands inside out.
Assignments designed for K-8 students, their age and capabilities. Additionally, students following this course develop their STEAM knowledge and learn how to use the mechanical LEGO elements.
Dozens of hours of teacher time saved. The lesson is already prepared, which saves the teacher precious time that they can use for self-development, supporting their students, and more!

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Find out what to expect during the lesson

See how all the lesson stages can look like, when conducted with the help of RoboCamp lesson plans

Teacher training

Get ready for teaching robotics and programming at school. Everything you need to know is explained and easily accessible.

Get ready for working with SPIKE Prime

Learn about the LEGO Education SPIKE Prime set, the Word blocks programming language, and the most common pitfalls – everything you need to know early on.

Learn practical knowledge from experts

Webinars conducted by specialists in educational robotics, who focus on hands-on, tested knowledge that you will need during the lesson.

Watch anytime, anywhere

Webinar is conveniently available online for the entire year of your access period.

Programming SPIKE Prime robots in Word blocks

What's hiding inside SPIKE Prime box. Which elements magically speed up the building process and how to make use of all the sensors, even those that seem hidden!
Practical look at the app. How to connect with the robot, effectively use the interface and what content prepared by the producer can be useful at school.
Learn the SPIKE Word blocks. Overview of types and different categories of code blocks, how to connect them into lines of code, differences between Motors and Movement, how to program sensors, motors and the pixel matrix of the SPIKE hub.
See how to program robots with 4 models designed by RoboCamp: Spirograph, Forklift, Music box and Conveyor – each on a different difficulty level.
Find out what you must take into consideration when programming SPIKE at school.

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Programming SPIKE Prime robots in Word blocks: Beginner to Advanced
Access for 1 teacher
2 hours of online webinars
25 lesson plans with step-by-step instructions
Access for students
1 year access