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Robotics and programming is the best way to prepare kids for the future and get them excited about it. Our ready-to-use lessons make it easy for the teacher.

Complete solution for teachers and schools

Materials and lesson plans for robotics and programming lessons come fully prepared to provide a comprehensive solution for educators.
Beginner-friendly training for educators is available for no additional cost to all active users. Our team will explain everything you need to know about the equipment, programming and in-class organization.
For every lesson, the teacher can share learning materials with their students at no additional cost. Simply send your students a direct link to the instructions.
You are free to teach however you prefer, because you can use RoboCamp platform either on-site or completely online. No matter what happens, your students can learn safely.

Meet our teaching method

Best robotics classes follow these 5 lesson stages. Together, they make every lesson meaningful and fun.
Consider > Create > Check > Code > Celebrate
Discover context and STEAM surrounding the project
Assemble the robot with step-by-step instructions
Understand how the construction works inside
Use and learn programming commands to animate robots
Learn by playing with your own creation

Robotics lesson plan

All lessons are based on the most effective method of learning, originally created by our team after years of experience teaching kids.


Explore the context surrounding the project from multimedia, videos, pictures and diagrams, which impart the knowledge in a student-friendly manner. Educational content is aligned to the STEAM curriculum.


Clear and easy to perform step-by-step robot building instructions. This stage helps to develop spatial thinking and manual skills.


Understanding how the robot works is key to success. Thanks to our resources, you can easily see the mechanism inside and realize how the sensors or the power and control systems work.


Follow instructions and create a fully functional code. Thanks to explanations, understanding the role of individual commands and the logic behind the entire program will be easy. And the best thing is you will see how the program works in real life!


Time to test, enhance and experiment with your robot. Now, you can use the full spectrum of possibilities your robot has, or even expand them. Enjoy this time, because robotics is learning by playing!

What will your students learn?

Coding. Children create programs of various difficulty in visual programming languages and discover functions of key programming concepts: algorithm, programming loop, constant, variable, multithreading, or debugging.
Mathematics. Projects can involve measuring distance, calculating circumference, or performing data operations. Kids learn everything in practice and use their newly acquired knowledge to solve tasks.
Physics. How the robot operates is determined not only by code, but also by the real world, ruled by the laws of physics. Students learn about weight and mass, types of energy and methods of generating them, gravitation and friction.
Geography and biology. Don’t believe it? RoboCamp lessons are a great tool for kids to discover the solar system, dive into ocean depths, visit savannah and get to know amazing animals and learn about their importance in the ecosystem.
Creativity. Similar to a paintbrush on canvas, programming allows kids to express themselves and create a wide array of pieces: animations, games, interactive pictures or slideshows, and on advanced levels – independent programs and apps.

We have already helped over 1000 schools

So far, we have helped more than a thousand schools around the world introduce and conduct
robotics and STEAM lessons.
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Teach coding and robotics with high quality and easy-to-use materials
RoboCamp subscription includes:
Access to the elearning platform with hundreds of hours of interactive robotics and coding lesson plans
Step-by-step programming and building instructions in every lesson plan, explained for your convenience
Practical training for teachers and beginners that covers everything you really need to know
Exciting content with STEAM elements for kids ages 6 to 15
Access for your students at no additional fee
New robots and lesson plans added on a regular basis
per year

Our lesson plans in practice

See how a robotics lesson conducted with RoboCamp materials looks like in reality

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No. Our lesson plans are easy to follow and do not require any specialist knowledge to teach. After registering with our e-learning platform, you will receive step-by-step instructions on how to build and code every robot model and program (together with explanations).
Every teacher with active subscription can share the instructions they have acquired with their students. You can do it from your account on the e-learning platform. Your students will be able to access the instructions you select for the duration of your lesson. Learn how it works by creating a demo account.
All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and a robotics kit (LEGO® Education WeDo, MINDSTORMS, or SPIKE Prime). We recommend using one kit for teaching up to two children. You can use a video projector to support your lesson, but it is not required.
To use the RoboCamp e-learning platform, you must have an internet connection and internet browser. We recommend Google Chrome.
Yes, of course! Please contact us directly for information regarding discounts for teachers and for managers of non-commercial education projects.
No. You do not need Adobe Flash Player to use RoboCamp lesson plans or the e-learning platform.
Yes! Click here to create a free demo account and access RoboCamp e-learning platform with some of our favorite lesson plans. If you want to, you can try them out in your classroom.