5 Pesky Bugs of EV3 Classroom and How to Fix Them

EV3 Classroom has several bugs that can be tricky to overcome, especially for beginners. Read this article for easy solutions to the 5 common errors that you may come across in the new MINDSTORMS EV3 programming app.
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EV3 Classroom or EV3 Lab? MINDSTORMS Programming Apps Comparison

EV3 Classroom, brand new programming app for MINDSTORMS is here! Discover its pros and cons, and find out what codeblocks and features are available exclusively in the older app.
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Santa Robot for kids to build from MINDSTORMS EV3

Celebrate Christmas by making Robot Santa with sleigh and reindeer from EV3 bricks. Watch the entire seasonal lesson with full instructions and support from RoboCamp educators. Let's build, code and have fun this winter!
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