Trainings for teachers

Robotics in your school? Easy as pie! Pick up everything you need to know from our experts. Simply watch, listen and learn.
2020-07-21 (Tuesday)
06:00 PM EST (NY Time)
Launch robotics lab for kids 10-15
The older your students get, the more robotics has to offer. You can develop their potential and prepare them for the future by introducing robotics and programming into your school.
During this teacher training, we’ll give you a straightforward recipe to launch your own robotics lab. We’ll cover budget planning, selecting the right educational equipment for kids 10 to 15 and conducting day-to-day classes in your school.
Running your own robotics lab can be fun and educational for everyone, teachers included. Attend to learn how to achieve it.
2020-07-23 (Thursday)
06:00 PM EST (NY Time)
Programming robots with MINDSTORMS EV3 Software
Step up your robotics class and discover the sea of possibilities that's been hiding inside your LEGO Mindstorms EV3 box.
After this training session, you'll be able to seamlessly introduce your students to EV3 robots. We'll cover in-class organization, provide you with helpful hints on using specific parts and electronic modules, even program robots with you!
By the end, you'll know everything to make Mindstorms the most powerful teaching tool in your robotics lab. Come and dive in!
2020-06-30 (Tuesday)
06:00 PM EST (NY Time)
Launch robotics lab for children 6-10
Learn how to run an easy-to-teach robotics class that helps children develop programming and STEAM skills through hands-on play.
We’ll guide you through every part of the process: from budget planning to choosing the right equipment and conducting day-to-day classes in your robotics lab.
Along the way, we’ll explore the learning benefits promoted by this fun and engaging topic. We’ll show you how simple it is to bring robotics into your school, so that you can do it yourself!

Meet our experts

Photo of Dominika Skrzypek
Dominika Skrzypek
International Education Specialist
Photo of Wojciech Syrocki
Wojciech Syrocki
Founder of RoboCamp
Photo of Aleksandra Syrocka
Aleksandra Syrocka
Curriculum Developer

What other teachers say

With RoboCamp, we’ve added even more exciting builds of all levels to our robotics program at our centers across the US and Canada. They provide high-quality hands-on activities and coding that are easy to launch. We are very happy to work with RoboCamp.
Jenifer Karyshyn
Mathematics/STEM at Sylvan Learning
Laura Bush Elementary Robotics Club LOVES RoboCamp! Hands down our favorite and fun builds for WeDo 2.0 and EV3 projects have come from RoboCamp! Been a customer since 2017 and always received top notch customer service.
Christina Morales
Robotics Teacher at LWBE Robotics
RoboCamp programs are great programs that I have used for the past 4 years. Our little engineers love them and parents are thrilled with what their children can do. Their customer service is top notch. I highly recommend their programs!!!
Czarina Boyce