See for yourself how easy and fun robotics with RoboCamp can be! The demo package includes several complete exercises in robotics designed by RoboCamp team for various robotics kits, which you can try out in your school.
And if you don't have any robotics kit yet, you can try out game development by using Scratch – educational programming language available online and offline.

This demo account is available for 30 days from the moment you activate it.

Free demo account

Free demo account


Robotics lessons designed to inspire and teach, which you can test to your heart’s content for 30 days. Resources for robotics lesson plans include:

  • extensive introduction illustrated with graphics and animations,
  • detailed instructions for building the robot,
  • step-by-step programming guide,
  • educational mini games and other extras.

Lesson plans

Go faster! For one day, you can become a professional race driver by building and programming a race track simulator. Before you take off, you will already know by heart the engineering solutions used in racing.

Robot designed for: LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential (#45345) and SPIKE programming app.
Help this manipulator move an object from one stand to another. It's more complex than it sounds! Take on this programming challenge, use all three motors, and learn how to create an autonomous SPIKE robot.

Robot designed for: LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime (#45678) and SPIKE programming app.
Can I carry this for you? Forklifts can carry literally tons and they prove their worth every day in almost every warehouse around the world. Your SPIKE forklift will happily help out with any bricks laying around – program it and relax.

Robot designed for: LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime (#45678) and SPIKE programming app.
Tiny, but powerful. A compact model of robotic forklift can be completed in just 45 minutes. This particular robot is used for short transportation, just like its real-life equivalent.

Robot designed for: LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 (#45300) and Scratch 3.0 programming app.
Spinning around on this carousel can make you dizzy… with knowledge! Build your pocket carousel robot, find out what actually makes a merry-go-round go, and put your coding skills to use.

Robot designed for: LEGO Education WeDo 1.0 (#9580) and LEGO® Education WeDo programming app.
Carousels are attractions featured in all amusement parks… and in your robotics lab! Use this robotic project to learn about centrifugal force and the intriguing history of merry-go-rounds.

Robot designed for: LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 (#45300) and WeDo 2.0 programming app.
Befriend this energetic gorilla by offering him bananas for a snack. Start by learning more about primates and the relationship between homo sapiens and gorillas, then proceed to building and programming this charming robot.
Maneuver through an asteroid field in a space shuttle and survive for as long as possible. To create this game in Scratch 3.0, you’ll have to program arrow keys, object movement and detecting collision between objects.

Game designed for: Scratch 3.0 programming app.
Build yourself a joystick from LEGO bricks and use it as a shuttle controller in the Space Explorer game, now richer and more engaging with a new soundtrack. With equipment like this, you will be evading asteroids like a pro!

Robot designed for: LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 (#45300) and Scratch 3.0 programming app.
Hop on your robotic motorcycle and explore the town! During this lesson, you’ll use tires for traction, gears for drive, driveshaft for power and programming blocks to start your engine and keep track of its brisk activity.

Robot designed for: LEGO Education® MINDSTORMS® EV3 (#45544) and EV3 Classroom programming app.
Create this enormous heavy-lift helicopter with two horizontal rotors and get a taste of equipment used by special forces in concrete jungles. Assemble its intricate gear transmission, then make it keep track of the ground below.
Got a heavy load to carry? Forklift to the rescue! These impressive machines can carry literally tons and they prove their worth in almost every warehouse in the world. Yours will be quite advanced - it will transport cargo automatically.