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Programming SPIKE Prime robots in Word blocks

Prepare to master the SPIKE programming app for your upcoming classes. This app allows to comprehensively control robots built from LEGO Education SPIKE Prime - the educational set created for kids and teenagers. At first glance, the programming language reminds of Scratch, but are they identical?
During this webinar, you will get to know Word blocks from top to bottom. You will learn the functionalities of the app interface, the differences between code blocks and their practical use. What's more, you will know how to avoid mistakes often made by beginners.




75 minutes


What's hiding inside SPIKE - which elements magically speed up the building process and how to make use of all the sensors, even those that seem hidden!
Practical look at the app - how to connect with the robot, effectively use the interface and what content prepared by the producer can be useful at school.
Learn the Word Blocks - overview of types and different categories of code blocks, how to connect them into lines of code, differences between Motors and Movement, how to program sensors, motors and the pixel matrix of the SPIKE hub.
See how to program robots with 4 models designed by RoboCamp: Spirograph, Forklift, Music box and Conveyor - each on a different difficulty level.
Find out what you must take into consideration when programming SPIKE at school.


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Dominika Skrzypek

International Education Specialist
Dominika is a lover of languages, learning, and all things robot-related. She holds a BA in Education and an MA in English and French Translation. At RoboCamp HQ, Dominika’s role is to oversee content and prepare educators for their first robotics lesson. Away from the bustling office, she specializes in translating children’s books, films and educational materials.


This webinar is perfect for every teacher who:
considers adding SPIKE Prime to their lab and wants to learn more about this set in the context of school use
plans to teach kids programming with the SPIKE app
has been using SPIKE Prime for a while and wants to increase expertise
already has experience and is looking for inspiration
wonders how programming educational robots built from SPIKE Prime looks like, step by step
wants to become a source of support and knowledge for students

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With RoboCamp, we’ve added even more exciting builds of all levels to our robotics program at our centers across the US and Canada. They provide high-quality hands-on activities and coding that are easy to launch. We are very happy to work with RoboCamp.
Jenifer Karyshyn
Mathematics/STEM Sylvan Learning
Laura Bush Elementary Robotics Club LOVES RoboCamp! Hands down our favorite and fun builds for WeDo 2.0 and EV3 projects have come from RoboCamp! Been a customer since 2017 and always received top notch customer service.
Christina Morales
Robotics Teacher LWBE Robotics
RoboCamp programs are great programs that I have used for the past 4 years. Our little engineers love them and parents are thrilled with what their children can do. Their customer service is top notch. I highly recommend their programs!!!
Czarina Boyce