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As the year comes to its end, the festive atmosphere spreads all around. It is no different in the RoboCAMP office. Like everywhere else, Christmas decorations pop up in here as well, but we decided to make them our way.

First, we believe that handmade decorations are more precious and embellish house even more than the ones you can buy at store. Moreover, we are devoted fans of LEGO bricks and believe they are suitable for a great festive decoration as well. It inspired us to create a mobile decoration that would fit into the Christmas spirit and that anyone can make on their own. Our robot presents the travel of Santa Claus and his reindeers through the starry sky, on their way to deliver presents to all well-behaved children.

To build this robot, all you need is: LEGO WeDo 2.0 (45300) set, two sheets of paper with background and Santa’s sleigh printed on them, scissors and sticky tape to cut out and fold the paper cylinder.

To begin, you must download the graphics. You can select the completely drawn illustration, the illustration that you can color yourself, or the illustration template, which you can use to paint your own Santa’s sleigh and the landscape he’ll be flying across. Whichever graphics you choose, you must print it in two copies on hard paper. Then, you can proceed to building the decoration.

The principle behind this construction is quite simple. The middle part is wrapped in a paper cylinder with the night scenery. The entire construction stands on a turntable (underneath, you may stick it to the surface with the double-sided tape) and two wheels, which rotate in the opposite directions. This solution makes the whole decoration slowly turn one way. Above the paper cylinder, there are four arms, which move in the opposite direction by means of the gear train. At the end of each arm, you can see one of the characters of Santa’s sleigh. Together, these elements create a beautiful effect of the whole sleigh soaring across the starry sky.

In order to make the construction move, you must create a program, which will turn the motor on with the right power and will make it rotate in the correct direction. We have explained everything in the instruction below:

The decoration is now ready. You can go ahead and admire Santa Claus and his reindeers as they travel across the sky.

Merry Christmas!

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