StarCamp WeDo 1.0

Gear up and venture into the world of planets, galaxies and space travel. Get ready to learn about engineering solutions designed for real-life astronomers and ingenious machines conceived by science fiction authors. You will encounter astounding astronomy, unbreakable principles of physics and universal programming applications. Fly among stars and explore the space by building and coding robots!
Lessons available in monthly and annual subscriptions.

In this themed series, space exploration and astronomy join hands with science fiction to create 12 comprehensive robotics lessons designed to inspire and teach. In every lesson you will find:

  • extensive introduction illustrated with graphics and animations,
  • detailed instructions for building the robot,
  • step-by-step programming guide,
  • educational mini games and other extras,
  • printable lesson plan for the teacher,
  • access to additional teaching resources.

Lesson plans

We rarely notice them, but we use them almost every day. Find out what exactly satellites are and what are humans doing on the orbit of the Earth – which you will then build and code to regulate its rotation speed.
Sun, Earth and Moon may be too large to recreate 1:1, but why not shrink them? Gather gears, bricks and electronic modules to create your own astronomical model of celestial bodies orbiting next to your home on Earth.
This lesson is an opportunity to create your own racing track in miniature and get your science fiction trivia separated from scientific facts. One thing’s for sure: you can’t predict which starship will win.
Great strength paired with great precision is sometimes beyond humans’ reach. That’s where robots step in. Build and program a robotic arm to learn how high-tech machines aid people in laboratories, warehouses, or in space.
Would you like to pilot a space shuttle? Better start practicing now! In this lesson you’ll build a space flight simulator, program it and find out just what perils await astronauts in outer space.
Making a robot walk straight ahead is no simple task. Its design plays a huge role. Discover just how many different ambulant robots there are and why the surface walker requires such huge “feet” to stay well-balanced.
Space launchers are among the most popular props in science fiction. Now you can build your own and test your skills on paper targets. Learn how mankind imagines aliens and find out if it’s possible to shoot in space.
Listen about the amazing adventures of robots on Mars, where the Curiosity rover plays the key part. Build your own space rover replica and learn what it took for mankind to be able to explore the surface of Mars.
Safe landing is critical to any space mission. But it’s more difficult to achieve than you’d think. Your task will be to program and equip your robotic lander will have the necessary safety system.
This unique projectile launcher is powered by the force of rubber bands. You just lock on target, run the program to build up power and shoot! But before, you’ll need to prepare and learn a bit about real and fictional cannons.
The friendliest robot you can meet in space. Every time he meets someone, he waves to greet them. Find out if other robots respond the same way and why exactly engineers create human-shaped robots.
Hop aboard this iconic fighter to experience your space adventure and learn how science fiction fosters real-life inventions. Create a mechanism to fold and unfold the wings of this robotic model mid flight, then fly away!