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New Arrivals

New Arrivals

Brand new projects waiting to be tested! Want to try something new with your students? Build and code these freshly designed robots in your classroom, then let us know which ones you like best. Have fun!
Special Projects

Special Projects

Robotics lessons unlike any other. Unique robots, holiday themes, one-of-a-kind topics. Browse this category to find projects for various robots and kits – all educational and full of interesting ideas & coding concepts to teach.
CityCamp WeDo 1.0 Scratch

CityCamp WeDo 1.0 Scratch

Series designed for keen young engineers of the future, who want to learn about technologies and solutions that help us improve everyday life in a modern city. To see the solutions in action, build and program robots of our design.
CityCamp WeDo 2.0 Scratch

CityCamp WeDo 2.0 Scratch

Modern cities operate thanks to computers, machines and engineering solutions that we use almost every single day. Follow this series to understand the world around you by building and programming robots in Scratch.
SafariCamp WeDo 1.0 Scratch

SafariCamp WeDo 1.0 Scratch

Reaching straight into inspiration behind numerous modern solutions, this lesson series concentrates on nature and its influence on contemporary technology. Build robots representing various animals, program them in Scratch and understand scientific principles behind it all.
SafariCamp WeDo 2.0 Scratch

SafariCamp WeDo 2.0 Scratch

Get back to nature and don’t forget to take Scratch! Find out how inventive and imaginative animals and plants surrounding us can truly be, then recreate them with bricks and Scratch. Expect to learn biology, programming algorithms and fascinating zoology trivia along the way.
StarCamp WeDo 1.0 Scratch

StarCamp WeDo 1.0 Scratch

Venture into the world of planets, galaxies and space travel. Build and code robots to encounter astounding astronomy, unbreakable principles of physics and universal Scratch programming uses. Explore and learn!
StarCamp WeDo 2.0 Scratch

StarCamp WeDo 2.0 Scratch

Geared up with Scratch, go on a space mission filled with physics, astronomy, engineering and robotics. Discover awe-inspiring inventions, spark your imagination with science fiction models and learn programming at the same time.

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Best robotics classes follow these 5 lesson stages. Together, they make every lesson meaningful and fun.
Consider > Create > Check > Code > Celebrate

Robotics lesson plan

All lessons are based on the most effective method of learning, originally created by our team after years of experience teaching kids.


Explore the context surrounding the project from multimedia, videos, pictures and diagrams, which impart the knowledge in a student-friendly manner. Educational content is aligned to the STEAM curriculum.


Clear and easy to perform step-by-step robot building instructions. This stage helps to develop spatial thinking and manual skills.


Understanding how the robot works is key to success. Thanks to our resources, you can easily see the mechanism inside and realize how the sensors or the power and control systems work.


Follow instructions and create a fully functional code. Thanks to explanations, understanding the role of individual commands and the logic behind the entire program will be easy. And the best thing is you will see how the program works in real life!


Time to test, enhance and experiment with your robot. Now, you can use the full spectrum of possibilities your robot has, or even expand them. Enjoy this time, because robotics is learning by playing!

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With RoboCamp, we’ve added even more exciting builds of all levels to our robotics program at our centers across the US and Canada. They provide high-quality hands-on activities and coding that are easy to launch. We are very happy to work with RoboCamp.
Jenifer Karyshyn
Mathematics/STEM Sylvan Learning
Laura Bush Elementary Robotics Club LOVES RoboCamp! Hands down our favorite and fun builds for WeDo 2.0 and EV3 projects have come from RoboCamp! Been a customer since 2017 and always received top notch customer service.
Christina Morales
Robotics Teacher LWBE Robotics
RoboCamp programs are great programs that I have used for the past 4 years. Our little engineers love them and parents are thrilled with what their children can do. Their customer service is top notch. I highly recommend their programs!!!
Czarina Boyce