CityCamp WeDo 1.0

Series designed for keen young engineers of the future, who want to learn about technologies and solutions that help us improve everyday life in a modern city. They will explore sky, sea and streets of present-day metropolises to discover the omni-presence of physics, engineering and years of historical progress. To see these amazing solutions in action, kids build and program robots of our original design.
Lessons available in monthly and annual subscriptions.

This themed series concentrates on technological solutions found in cities around the world and includes 12 comprehensive robotics lessons designed to inspire and teach. In every lesson you will find:

  • extensive introduction illustrated with graphics and animations,
  • detailed instructions for building the robot,
  • step-by-step programming guide,
  • educational mini games and other extras,
  • printable lesson plan for the teacher,
  • access to additional teaching resources.

Lesson plans

This robot may not fly, but it moves fast thanks to an advanced gear transmission that you’ll learn to assemble and program. Learn about aviation history and how many years it took to turn dreams about flying into reality.
Build your own mine railway with a wagon on tracks and a machine unit. Find out what role it plays in mines and devise methods to operate it – with a drum winch, control stick and programming blocks.
What’s the deal with oil? Learn about fossil fuel extraction and discover how to convert rotational motion into linear by creating equipment used to extract petroleum from under the ground – the so-called pumpjack.
It’s tall, it spins and amazingly, produces energy at the same time. Learn all about how it works by assembling this motor-powered wind turbine model and program it to count the blades’ revolutions.
Most often found in laboratories and factories (but also in space!), this neat robot moves items or specimen from one table to another. Create a worm gear to make it precise, then make a program to control your manipulator!
Build this model for hands-on insight into how real lifts operate. Connect the motor with the winch winding and unwinding the rope, then program it to easily get passengers to the top. Enjoy the ride.
Create a clawed model of deep-sea submersible used for underwater exploration, the speed of which varies depending on the distance sensor readouts. Plunge into the history of the sea exploration!
Whether you’re driving, or flying, steering is simple only on the surface. Find out what technological solutions are found in modern planes, then assemble and program your personal robotics airplane model.
Indispensable in emergencies. Create a helicopter model with motor that powers main and tail rotors at the same time. Add a sensor to detect the robot’s position, just like real helicopters do, some code and voila!
Take a peek into firefighters’ everyday work and role by building this beautiful fire truck model with an extendable ladder and a rack gear. Make use of the tilt sensor to code interesting programs.
Essential in any warehouse around the world. Forklift must be stable and very mobile to transport packages – just like this robot. Build one yourself and program it to lift and lower your cargo.
What could Archimedes have to do with modern harbors? Learn about physics, construction of turntables and basic programming, all in the process of creating your own robotic crane model.