CityCamp Mindstorms NXT

No city is born in a day. Fortunately, unlike ancient Romans, nowadays we have robots and technology to help us create marvellous environments for people to live in. Machines help us with building, managing and powering cities, so that they can operate at peak efficiency. Take a look behind the scenes of metropolises: assemble and code robots designed after some of the most important machines in modern cities.
Lessons available in monthly and annual subscriptions.

Open your robotics kit and create small versions of machines that are really being used just outside your window. Follow this series to discover tools and solutions used to build, operate and move around cities. Resources for each lesson include:

  • extensive introduction illustrated with graphics and animations,
  • detailed instructions for building LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 robot,
  • step-by-step programming guide,
  • access to additional teaching resources.

Lesson plans

Controlling a plane is a complex task, which is why every future professional starts with the basics. Build your very own flight simulator, learn about centrifugal force and control flight altitude by means of code.
Finally, a robot that will help you clean up your desk after a messy robotics lesson! First, you must construct a small bulldozer. Next, dabble in programming script to determine the right algorithm. Finally, marvel at your clean desk.
Except for the weight capacity, this crane is built just like its real-life original. It can rotate around its own axis, transfer objects vertically, as well as horizontally. It can be just as useful – build it, program and see for yourself!
Functional and dependable, dump trucks can transport heavy loads to places where no common car would dare to venture. Assemble this simple, yet indispensable truck model, then program the bed box controls.
Got a heavy load to carry? Don’t worry, these impressive machines can carry literally tons and they prove their worth in almost every warehouse around the world. Yours will be quite advanced – start coding to see it in action.
When you have a helicopter, traffic jams are no longer a problem. Public services often make use of them in cities, whenever they need to get somewhere fast. Assemble your own helicopter model, then program it in NXT-G 2.0.
Some say motorcycles are the fastest and the most beautiful two-wheeled vehicles. Make your own by using tires for traction, gears for drive and driveshaft for power. Finally, create the right programming script to keep track of your machine.
Ever heard of street racing? Organize a race with your classmates by building a remotely controlled racing car. Before you take off, you will already know the engineering solutions applied in racing by heart.
Scissor lift is basically an enhanced version of lever, but without them, transporting goods would be much more difficult. Learn how a scissor lift works by building this model, then program the motor to do the heavy lifting.
Do you have one in your nearby city? Solar energy is clean, reliable and a much needed alternative for fossil fuels. Find out more by building this smart solar plant with the ability to seek out the strongest light source.
There’s no faster solution to a growling stomach than a vending machine. Build the mechanism of this helpful device, supply your favorite brick snacks and learn more about automation and its role in cities around the world.
People have been using wind as an energy source for millenia. Learn more about wind farms and see for yourself how people around the world make use of wind nowadays, by creating a robotic model of wind turbine.