CityCamp Mindstorms EV3 Education for Classroom

In the city, technology is everywhere! Build robots to drive down the busy streets, peek into crammed warehouses, discover responsible methods of mass producing energy. Follow this series to learn how simple machines evolved to become the backbone of every modern city. Construct robots modelled after impressive machines and program them with code blocks to complete the tasks performed every day. Learn the engineering secrets of the modern city.
Lessons available in monthly and annual subscriptions.

Explore this metropolitan series to discover machines that play key roles in modern cities. Build advanced devices and create complex programs thanks to access to 12 comprehensive robotics exercises. Materials for each exercise include:

  • extensive introduction illustrated with graphics and animations,
  • detailed instructions for building LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 robot,
  • step-by-step programming guide for EV3 Classroom,
  • useful cross-sections of the construction,
  • access to additional teaching resources.

Lesson plans

Make cleaning up your backyard nice and simple with a robot and an algorithm. First, you need to build a small bulldozer. Next, experiment with programming and find the right algorithm. Finally, observe and relax.
Cumbersome by appearance, this crane is surprisingly mobile. It can rotate around its own axis, or even transfer objects vertically and horizontally. Once you complete this construction, you will program the EV3 brick panel to use it as a remote.
Adapted to extreme off-road conditions, dump trucks can transport heavy loads to places where no common car would dare to venture. Program the bed box controls, then find out how the caterpillar track deals with difficult roads.
Piloting an airplane is no simple task, but every future professional starts with the basics. Assemble your very own flight simulator, learn about centrifugal force and control flight altitude by means of code.
Got a heavy load to carry? Forklift to the rescue! These impressive machines can carry literally tons and they prove their worth in almost every warehouse in the world. Yours will be quite advanced - it will transport cargo automatically.
Create this enormous heavy-lift helicopter with two horizontal rotors and get a taste of equipment used by special forces in concrete jungles. Assemble its intricate gear transmission, then make it keep track of the ground below.
Hop on your robotic motorcycle and explore the town! During this lesson, you’ll use tires for traction, gears for drive, driveshaft for power and EV3 Classroom programming blocks to start your engine and keep track of its brisk activity.
Who will get to the finish line first? Organize a race with your classmates by building a remotely controlled top fuel dragster. Before you take off, you’ll already be familiar with the evolution of engines and car races.
Useful in countless real-life situations, this impressive scissor lift is basically an enhanced version of lever. See how it works yourself by building this model, then program the motor to do the heavy lifting.
Solar energy is clean, reliable and a possible alternative for fossil fuels. Find out more about it by building this smart solar plant with the ability to seek out the strongest light source and rotate the panels in its direction.
Fancy a snack? Learn how the magic happening inside your favorite vending machine actually works. Build the entire mechanism, supply goods to choose from and learn more about automation and its role in progress.
Wind is one of basic renewable energy sources, used by mankind since millenia. See how people actually make use of it nowadays by creating a robotic model of wind turbine, then get creative and upgrade your program.