CityCamp Mindstorms EV3 Home

City life wouldn’t be the same without technology. And robots! They are fast, incredibly efficient and make everything easier for us, people. Put yourself in engineers’ shoes and uncover advanced machines that make busy cities operate in a smooth and reliable manner. Learn about renewable energy, automation, significance of transport, well-written algorithms and much more, all while assembling and programming your own robots.
Lessons available in monthly and annual subscriptions.

Explore this metropolitan series to discover machines that play key roles in modern cities. Build advanced devices and create complex programs thanks to access to 12 comprehensive robotics exercises. Materials for each exercise include:

  • extensive introduction illustrated with graphics and animations,
  • detailed instructions for building LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 robot,
  • step-by-step programming guide,
  • printable lesson plan for the teacher,
  • access to additional teaching resources.

Lesson plans

What bulldozers and tanks have in common? Can bulldozers execute tasks other than land clearing? Learn more about them while constructing and building a small bulldozer that will tidy up your desk.
Limited by their muscle power, people invented various machines to help. Cranes are among them. This harbor crane robot can transfer objects vertically and horizontally and to make it even more convenient, you will use a remote!
Inspired by a wheelbarrow and inability to transport heavy loads, people invented the impressive dump truck. It’s efficient, functional and adapted to off-road conditions. Now you can make your own!
Piloting an airplane is no simple task, but every future professional starts with the basics. Assemble your very own flight simulator, learn about centrifugal force and control flight altitude by means of code.
Need a lift? If your next stop is close by and you have literally tons of luggage, this is the best means of transportation for you. Assemble your own and create an advanced program to take your classroom transit to the next level.
Two rotors, intricate gear configuration and a sensor to detect distance from the ground. Equipped like that, this lightweight scouting helicopter will get anywhere the citizens need it to arrive.
You can be fast and avoid traffic jams in the city; on the condition you drive a motorcycle. Create a mechanism that will transfer power from the motor straight to the speedy motorcycle and make a program to count the laps.
Go faster! For one day, you can become a professional race driver. Build your rally sports car, learn how the power is being transferred and how to actually control this vehicle while driving.
Incredibly useful and powerful, scissor lifts are used by firefighters, city maintenance services, even in car workshops. Now you can make your own and see how far the concept of simple machines can be enhanced.
Sun is so brilliant that it even provides us with electricity! People had to learn how to transform its radiation, but now entire cities rely on solar energy. Learn more about it by constructing your own model of solar plant.
They’re essential to any office building, conference, or gas station. You simply pick your favorite snack and go. But making sure the vending machine works as intended is more complicated - learn how by building and coding your own.
Create your miniature robotic wind turbine, the modern windmill counterpart. Learn about the constant character and changing form of energy surrounding us to understand how people have learnt to use it.