Teach robotics the fun way!

RoboCAMP enhances STEM education using LEGO robot building and visual programming.


LEGO Constructions


Children learn robotics & programming in 4 fun steps:

Learn Mindstorms

LEARN the working principles of the robot and inspiration behind its design

learn Mindstorms

learn Mindstorms

Code Mindstorms

BUILD an inspiring robot with LEGO bricks and Explore its designs

Code Mindstorms

CODE using intuitive,
easy-to-use visual programming languages

learn Mindstorms

learn Mindstorms

PLAY and have fun with your cool hand-built creation!


How children benefit?


Seeing their hand-built creations come to life, children start to believe that anything is possible. They start to view technology and programming as the creative tools that may some day help them make their dreams come true.

Technical Education

There’s no better way to learn than to learn through play! Robotics lessons with RoboCAMP are a great chance for children to build their own robots and use software to control them.


Let’s be honest – what child doesn’t like to play with LEGO bricks? We don’t know any! RoboCAMP lessons are here to put this passion to a good use. With kid-friendly tools in the form of LEGO WeDo and LEGO Mindstorms sets and easy-to-use software it’s easy to forget that it is actually a learning experience.

Problem solving skills

Building mechanisms and making them operate the way we want them to is not always easy. With our RoboCAMP projects We teach children the correct troubleshooting procedures and then challenge them with various engineering problems to unveil their whole individual and group potential.

Collaboration and communication

We strongly recommend that children use our learning platform working in pairs. This way of learning not only makes it easier to complete their tasks in time but also helps improve their social skills. Skills that in this day and age are becoming more and more difficult to acquire.

Self-confidence boost

As they work through the lessons, kids experience a great sense of understanding and attainment. Seeing a hand-built robot come to life at the end of each lesson brings a much needed sense of achievement.


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